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“With tighter margins, predictability has never been more important.”
Kiki Fernandes – Marginpar

About Us

Lima transforms farms into predictable, demand-based producers by utilizing machine learning, drones, and computer vision. Learn more about how Lima can help you streamline operations, bolster confidence, and increase profitability.

Unlock Farm Visibility

360 Farm Visibility

Monitor what is happening on your farm in real-time – from fields to freight

Forecasting Confidence​

Eliminate uncertainty and gain reliability in your forecasts

Crop Insights Simplified

Save valuable time by using Lima’s crop monitoring 

Sales Optimization​

Boost your profits with predictable forecasting for streamlined logistics and direct sales

Climate is Changing

The way you planned production in the past is no longer adequate for today’s challenges

Climate change poses significant difficulties to the agricultural  industry. In 2017, Kenya’s floriculture sector experienced a loss about Ksh 1 billion (approximately USD 10 million) due to drought. Since 2019, some flower farms have reported losses as high as 50% due to the impact of heavy rainfall.

Lima Platform

Making hard decisions simple

With margins shrinking, accurate production planning has never been more valuable to make informed long and short term decisions. With the Lima Platform, connecting farm production with sales and freight teams is easier than ever.

Start Using Lima Now

We take the guesswork out of farming using drones and machine learning to collect accurate and reliable data so our farmers can make profitable decisions.

Automated Crop Monitoring

Streamline crop monitoring with advanced computer vision analysis

Employ drones and cutting-edge machine learning to automate data collection for crop monitoring. Lima’s technology solutions conduct weekly farm assessments, automatically tracking crop growth, dieback, and grades.

Eyes in the Sky

Utilize innovation to seamlessly enhance field data accuracy
Enhance production forecast accuracy with automated drone-data collection, empowering farms to make informed decisions about harvesting, sales, and logistics.

Easy Data Collection & Management

Your forecasts at your fingertips
Our user-friendly app simplifies data collection. With just a few inputs, you can visualize your forecasts from the farm and beyond. Adjust features to meet your unique needs, putting the control of your forecasts in your hands.

Advanced Insights from Advanced Technology

Access weekly, highly detailed forecasts, down to the bed. Benefit from dieback detection, growth stage development, crop quality and density monitoring, environmental influence, and the impact of pests and diseases on your crops.

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Get Online

Configure your crops and fields on the Lima app for immediate, tailored forecasts


Monitor Crops

Deploy drones for seamless, reliable data collection on crops for confident forecasting


Optimize Production and Sales

Share dashboards across farm, sales, and leadership teams to make data-driven decisions that meet market demands
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